Research Chemicals

Research Chemical Resource™ is your most trusted ally for access to the best research chemical information, vendors, and trends.

There are very few legitimate research chemical vendors, particularly those which operate legally and will be sustainable. Our team of experts is constantly vetting vendors, staying up to date on research chemical trends, and making the best possible recommendations to our viewers.

When we recommend a vendor, it is our reputation at stake. You can be sure that our recommended vendors are the best research chemical sources online.

Many people gain interest in research chemicals such as SARMs, peptides, nootropics, CBD, Kratom, and more. However, it is difficult to find accurate information without understanding how to read scientific research papers.

Furthermore, it has become a complete gamble for customers to be able to find a reputable and legitimate research chemical vendor. There is a constant flow of “fly-by-night” and “pop-up” research chemical vendors. These type of vendors create risk for everyone interested in buying research chemicals. These vendors cause customers to be skeptical or uncertain about the true effects of research chemicals due to quality control issues. Furthermore, they don’t adhere to the law.

Research chemicals are to be sold solely for laboratory or qualified research use only. Vendor websites with photos of athletes or bodybuilders, or websites selling research chemicals that appear like dietary supplements (i.e. in capsules or tablets) should be strictly avoided. These vendors are more interested in your money than providing a legitimate product and service. Furthermore, they will expedite the ban on these chemicals.

Customers should also strictly vendors with websites which do not look professional, and vendors who do not have prompt customer service. These two things are good indicators that these vendors are likely home-operated (or similarly) without qualified personnel.


Trust Research Chemical Resource™ to provide you with the most updated research chemical trends, the best research chemical sources, and what to avoid when looking to buy research chemicals online.