How to Buy Research Chemicals Online?


Introduction to how to buy research chemicals online: Research chemicals are intended for laboratory and scientific research. They can be of natural or synthetic origin, but when classified for research use only, they are legally not intended for human or veterinary use. This distinction is provided on research chemical labels and disclaimers, and is what exempts them from control in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations under sections 100-740.

How to pay for research chemicals online?

Despite the fact that research chemicals are legal to buy and sell for laboratory, analytical, or other research use, credit card brands (i.e. Visa and MasterCard) and payment processors (including PayPal) consider them “prohibited items.” As a result, according to the card brands, to buy research chemicals online with a credit card (or debit card) is strictly prohibited. Period.

For example, when a customer wants to buy SARMs, buy peptides, buy CBD, buy Kratom, or buy nootropics online like DMAA for sale or Phenibut for sale, they will want to adapt to more modern and decentralized digital payment methods. In fact, any customer who thinks the current credit/debit card centralized payment model will last much longer in general popularity is vastly mistaken. This is proven by the rise in alternative payment methods such as Venmo, Zelle, Popmoney, Square Cash, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. The issue is, these are only one step better, not fully decentralized, and ultimately their terms of service are similar to the card brands as far as what items are considered prohibited. Therefore, these are not good solutions for purchasing research chemicals.

Getting Rid of the Middle Man in Payments

When you swipe your debit or credit card to buy something, the transaction is handled by many parties, and this process is highly outdated. Your credit/debit card transaction is processed through a payment network including MSP’s (merchant service providers), payment processors, acquiring banks, the card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, and ultimately the banks of the customer and the vendor. That is a lot of middle men, when in reality all the customer wants to do is pay the vendor for the product or service! Among many “high risk” products or services, research chemicals are prohibited items, as previously discussed. This tells us that the use of a credit or debit card for the purchase of research chemicals is not allowed by the card networks, even if the banks themselves who settle the payments don’t have a problem with legal research chemicals.  

The consistent changes in federal and state laws surrounding “prohibited items” has created a tough situation for Visa and MasterCard (the two ruling card brands).  It’s a hassle to track transactions from each research chemical company or other “high risk merchant” to see if it is operating legally or not, so both the processors and the card brands decided they’re not going to be solely responsible for any legal risk, and will not allow research chemicals, Kratom, or CBD to be sold or purchased on their credit/debit card networks.

There are a few websites to buy CBD online that accept credit cards, but don’t be fooled. There is no magic bullet. These transactions are being processed offshore. Customers will face card declines by their bank 60% of the time or more, and they are risking the security of their credit card information.

Even payment providers such as Shopify Payments and Square recently announced that they’ll start selectively accepting CBD credit card processing. It’s all PR hype. They simply cannot afford to ignore the demand for CBD – everyone wants a piece of this market. However, it doesn’t change that the credit card brands list CBD as a prohibited item because according to the FDA, CBD can only be sold as a research chemical or as an approved drug ingredient – no matter what anyone else says. It’s written in black and white by the US FDA. Square, Shopify, and others are simply brokering the transactions to offshore banks and taking a middle man fee.

So, the question arises – how to reliably buy research chemicals online? Let’s review some payment methods that are popular with trusted research chemical companies.

Don’t be a Part of the Problem:

When it comes to research chemicals, unfortunately, the customer is almost never right. We’re hoping to change this. Research chemical vendors are very frustrated with customers who do not make it easy to keep these products legally available. Customers need to take responsibility for understanding why vendors cannot accept traditional payment methods, and take a little time to adapt to payment methods (i.e. cryptocurrency) that will make it easier for vendors, and for the customers themselves. Ultimately, these new payment methods will be the future of most payments in our rapidly evolving digital economy, because vendors and customers alike are sick and tired of the middle men in a simple transaction. When vendors aren’t struggling with uninformed customers regarding payments, they will also be able to drop prices.

The Solution (peer to peer – “P2P” payments)

Cryptocurrency (The Ultimate Solution):

Now that you understand a bit more about how credit card brand rules and payment processor terms and conditions work, you will understand that there is only one permanent and reliable method for how to buy research chemicals online – Cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin). It may sound complicated, but we’re sure you’ve heard of it by now. If a customer isn’t familiar with Bitcoin for example, they honestly have no business buying research chemicals at all. Also, buying cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is no more difficult than setting up a verified PayPal account. The best part is that customers can still use their bank account, debit card, and in some cases a credit card, to securely purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, which can then be used to buy research chemicals online from the best vendors.

Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency designed to enable online customers to process transactions via virtual exchange units called Bitcoins (think of them like digital dollars). This is the digital equivalent of purchasing tokens at an arcade to use as currency with the machines and games. Purchases with Bitcoin are anonymous, which is another benefit to the customer. There are no middle men in a cryptocurrency (i.e. bitcoin) transaction. Purchases made with Bitcoin are instant, and the vendor can receive the funds rapidly, enabling them to ship customer orders rapidly. Why would customers want it any other way?


Zodaka is similar to PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and other popular peer to peer payment systems, and is faster and more secure than entering credit or debit card details online. Zodaka is designed for legal products that are prohibited by the card networks, since with Zodaka, there are no middle men. A free Zodaka account takes 2 minutes to setup and link to your bank, and allows you to buy research chemicals online easily and quickly. Zodaka supports cannabis, CBD, research chemicals, nutraceuticals, and many other legal products that are unfairly deemed “high risk and prohibited” by the traditional payment methods and credit card companies.


One of the most commonly used methods of payment today for research chemicals is eCheck, but it is quickly being phased out by vendors due to frustration. eCheck is similar to a peer to peer payment, but vastly outdated. It’s also very slow (about 5 business days to process before your order can ship, like a regular check takes time to clear). Lastly, many customers do not understand eCheck fully, and create issues for vendors such as bounced checks, stop payments, or intentional fraud. eCheck will not last much longer as a payment method offered by the biggest and most reputable research chemical vendors.

The electronic check (eCheck) is a digital transaction made by the bank account of the purchaser. Electronic checks use the customer’s bank account details via a secure encrypted eCheck processor to generate a digital version of a check and send it to the vendor’s bank. This process is handled by the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system. Electronic checks are transacted similarly to paper checks and are regulated by the same laws, but provide more protection and functionality such as encryption and digital signatures. Unfortunately, they are not processed and cleared much faster than paper checks. This will cause a delay in order processing of up to one week, while the vendor ensures they’ve received the customer’s funds without any issues. Customers who insists on paying via eCheck while it is still offered for a short time by the best research chemical vendors, should order their products a week in advance. A little hint for customers though – vendors don’t like accepting eCheck’s, and soon they won’t.


Research Chemical Resource™ does not encourage any customer to purchase research chemicals unless they will adapt to use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. We only recommend vendors who we evaluate independently. There are too many “underground” sources without legitimate laboratories. ELV Bioscience is the best research chemical source we’ve found to date. This is why they are our Featured Vendor. We support the freedom of vendors and customers to sell and purchase these products legally. Customers who don’t adapt to cryptocurrency are an undeniable burden on the industry and should probably stay away from research chemicals.

Vendors can try to create sneaky work-arounds to offer credit and debit card payments from time to time, but eventually all vendors will not be able to, and will be punished by payment processors and card brands for trying. Customers will need to learn to use digital payments such as cryptocurrency, in order to buy research chemicals online. In the near future, this will be the only payment option remaining. If customers are interested in purchasing research chemicals, but refuse to use cryptocurrency, they are a part of the problem. We wouldn’t encourage any of our featured or recommended vendors to accept this type of customer’s business – it’s a liability. Customers who will not adapt to cryptocurrency payments as the standard for purchasing research chemicals online, make it harder and more risky for vendors to sell the products. Also, because of this, these customers are contributing to expediting the legal ban on the research chemicals they desire easy access to in the first place.

How Research Chemical Resource™ is Helping

We maintain a centralized “customer black list” from all of our featured or recommended vendors. Conditionally, we’ll add customers to the black list from non-featured or recommended vendors if said vendors can prove the trouble that the customer caused.

How it works: Vendors make us aware of the names, e-mails, IP addresses, (and any other information they have legal access to via their website privacy policy), for customers that create an issue for the vendor – i.e. a fraudulent eCheck, a stop-payment, a charge-back, or or another issue. This helps ensure that the best research chemical vendors do not risk accepting orders from bad customers.

Take Home Message

Customers want easy access to buy research chemicals. Vendors want the ability to sell them at fair prices without unnecessary risk or hassle. Cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin) is the best answer. Research Chemical Resource will do our best to educate customers on how they can continue to purchase research chemicals online.

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